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Library Science 102

Introduction to Information Research


Mon.-Fri. 8:00am-4:30pm / Sims 345 / Contact Dayne Sherman / 985-549-3965

Library Science 102: Introduction to Information Research is a course designed to teach the information research process. Methods for locating and evaluating sources and the creation of effective search strategies are discussed and practiced. Required exercises and assignments reinforce the course content. The course is open to all students and currently over half of the majors require Library Science 102 in the curriculum.  Check the Schedule of Classes for current course offerings.


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Departmental Credit Exam:

For information on the LS102 Departmental Credit Exam see:



  • Students will understand the organization, tools and vocabulary of an academic library
  • Students will utilize databases to find and retrieve information
  • Students will identify relevant sources using critical thinking skills
  • Students will create a bibliography of relevant sources
  • Students will understand the need for developing life-long learning skills
  • Students will apply the above learned skills in other college classes



LS102 is taught in two computer-equipped classrooms in Sims Library. Most sections of Library Science 102 are scheduled in Sims room 355. Additional sections are taught in Sims room 474.

Course Materials:

There is no textbook required for the course. Instead students will be required to read the content found on the course materials web site.


Andrea Alexander
Office Sims Library, Room 231
Office Phone: 985-549-5055

Angie Balius
Office:  Sims Library, Room 131
Office Phone:  985-549-3898

Kathryn Carlson
Office:  Sims Library, Room 344
Office Phone:  985-549-3821

Ryan Castillo
Office: Sims Library, Room 232
Office Phone: 985-549-3970

John Kelly
Office: Sims Library, Room 131
Office Phone: 985-549-3966
Lauren Rhodes
Office: Sims Library, Room 132
Office Phone: 985-549-5056

Elizabeth Sanders (LS 102 Coordinator)
Office: Sims Library, Rm. 345
Office Phone: 985-549-5935

Dayne Sherman (Interim Department Head)
Office: Sims Library, Room 130
Office Phone: 985-549-3965