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Welcome McNeese Students!

Southeastern is here for you during this particularly challenging time in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.  If you find yourself in our area, you are welcome to utilize the resources below. 

Please fill out the linked form so that we know you are here and provide you access to as many services as possible. Your registration response will be given via email or text within one business day with an ID number that will provide you access accordingly.

If you are in need of other resources that may not be listed here, please contact the Dean of Student’s Office at 985.549.3792.


Southeastern ID

Once you have filled out the above form, you will receive instructions on how to obtain a Southeastern ID which you will have processed at the Campus Card Operations office.  You should keep your Southeastern ID with you at all times while on campus.  
Used for a variety of things, you can think of your Southeastern ID as your "dining, buying, identifying, do-almost-anything card"!  Your ID will be used to:


Sims Memorial Library

Please feel free to use Sims Memorial Library.  You may do the following:

  • Please complete the registration form to check out books and videos from Southeastern's collection. Books and videos can be picked up in person, or arrangements may be made to have items sent to them.
  • Request items through interlibrary loan (in-person or remotely).
  • Use the Southeastern library to access all LOUIS-provided electronic collections and databases.
  • Use Library resources, services, and technology (in-house and/or remote access.  Some restrictions for remote access).
  • Request reference/research assistance in-person, or via email, text, online, chat.
  • Access McNeese's library resources online with your McNeese Student ID.
  • Connect to WIFI using personal laptops or chromebooks in the library to join classes, listen to lectures, complete assignments, etc.
  • ICMSN consortium nursing students enrolled at McNeese will have access to many of the core resources needed for that program, since Southeastern is also a member of the ICMSN consortium. 


Work out at the University Rec Center

You may workout at our Rec Center at no cost.  Like Southeastern students, McNeese students will have to reserve a workout time at the Rec.  To show up for your workout time, simply present your McNeese ID upon arrival. 


Obtain Counseling

For mental health appointments, students should contact the University Counseling Center at 985-549-3894 (Monday-Thursday: 7:30am - 5pm and Fridays 7:30-12:30) or email for more information. 

Counseling Information


Park at no cost on Southeastern’s Campus

McNeese students will not be ticketed while on campus if you have a valid McNeese parking pass displayed on your vehicle.  However, ideally, please visit Transportation Services (Pride Hall Rm 139) to retrieve a temporary parking pass. 

Parking information


Use Campus WiFi for classwork

Please complete the registration form and you will recieve information within one business day regarding logging on to Southeastern's WiFi.


Use Campus Computer Labs

In order to use a Southeastern computer lab, you will need to fill out the linked form.  Your registration will be given via email or text within one business day, and you will then be able to login at a computer.


Other useful information

Dining On Campus Information / Locations

Campus Map

Lion Traxx Shuttle Service