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Kati MorseSoutheastern graduate and former Southeastern Channel sports anchor-reporter Kati Morse is the Director of New Media for Tulane University football where she produces and coordinates all digital content for Green Wave football. A former anchor-reporter for the student sportscast "The Big Game", host of the coaches' show "Lion Tracks" and sideline reporter for live sports events at the Southeastern Channel, Morse also does sideline reporting for ESPNU, ESPN3 and Southland Conference Sports TV, among other networks.

Kati earned both her master's degree in Organizational Communication and her bachelor's degree in Communication and Media Studies at Southeastern. She also succeeded on the field as four-year starter, team captain and pitcher on the Lady Lions softball team and was awarded the prestigious Jim McKay Scholarship from the NCAA. 

Kati talks to us about why she loves her career as a sports story-teller, and how Southeastern helped her with the real world experience to excel in her field. 

What is your role as Director of New Media for Tulane University’s football team?
My job is to create, coordinate and publish any and all digital content about our team/athletic department, working directly with the head coach, staff and our student-athletes on a daily basis. This includes all social media, highlight footage, outside media interviews and television contracts. In one day, I could do anything from filming an interview with one of our coaches to coordinating a multi-camera video shoot of our new uniforms. I shoot with our cameras, edit film, coordinate several social media accounts and even do on-camera duties. I attend every team meeting and every practice, traveling to each away game. I’m truly a part of the team, and I couldn’t have picked a job better-suited for me. It’s just flat-out fun.

What do you love about your career?
I love so many things about my career, but two aspects stand out above all others: First off, I get to create. There’s a feeling of accomplishment and pride that I get when I publish one of my videos or articles. In my heart, I’m a story-teller. And my job lets me do that every single day. But in the same breath, I never have the same day twice. Each day presents something new, making it exciting to come to work. You know that age-old phrase, “Do something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”? That is 100% true. I don’t think I’ve ever done a day’s “work”. It’s been too much fun.

Why did you choose Southeastern?
First, it felt like home. I’m from Ponchatoula, which is ten minutes away. Both of my parents graduated from SLU, and it was always a part of my life. Attending college here just felt right. Second, SLU was perfect for me academically. Coming out of high school, I knew I wanted to go into the Communication field; and you simply can’t beat the top-notch classes and hands-on experience you get at this university. Third, I got the chance to represent SLU on a softball scholarship. I could’ve gone to many other places. But the opportunity to play a Division One sport, earn a degree, and do it all in my backyard was just too good to pass up.

How did your experiences at Southeastern outside the classroom help prepare you for your future career?
Being a student-athlete at Southeastern was an integral part of my Southeastern experience. Throughout those four years, I learned so many invaluable skills: time management, working under pressure, handling criticism, solving problems among my peers, etc. I took those skills with me after I left. My role as a student-athlete also allowed me to be a member of the NCAA’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, where I served as President for two years. I met so many people around the country, and that eventually helped me to land a job. I can say with full confidence that I would not be where I am today without my experiences as a student-athlete at SLU.

What are some of your best memories from your time at Southeastern?
One of my most fulfilling experiences at Southeastern was earning my master’s degree in Organizational Communication from 2013 to 2015. I loved the program, the professors, and my fellow classmates. The curriculum was a perfect balance: I felt challenged and interested, but never overwhelmed. I truly learned. From writing countless papers to taking the dreaded 6-hour comprehensive exam at the end of the program (I survived!), I always felt fulfilled. I look back on those times in the classroom or the library and truly miss them. But lastly, I think that the friends I made during those two years were the best part. In between all the study guides, flashcards, and exams, I developed lifelong friendships. I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

What do you find most impressive about Southeastern and its programs?
One of my favorite things about Southeastern is the support system that is in place for its students. Everyone there truly wants you to succeed, in every aspect of your life. So many people who graduated from SLU have gone on to secure fulfilling, rewarding careers. And their time at Southeastern was a true influence on that, just like in my life. If you work hard, put in the time, and try to make the most of your years there, Southeastern has an amazing way of rewarding you for it.

What do you love about Hammond?
There’s no secret as to why this city is nicknamed “Hammond, America”. It’s the quintessential college town. You’ll never meet a stranger. Everyone treats you like family, because we truly feel like a big, happy one. Lion Pride is the heartbeat of this city, and it shows.


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Southeastern was the perfect university for me because I got the opportunity to play a Division One sport, earn two degrees, and do it all in my own backyard of Hammond, America. What more could I want?

-Kati Morse, Southeastern Class of 2013 and 2015

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017
by: Allen Cutrer