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Members of Southeastern's Toastmasters chapter are aiming to help students gain essential workplace skills and prepare for their future careers.

Southeastern Toastmasters is one of the chartered organizations of Toastmasters International, a non-profit educational organization with more than 352,000 members worldwide. All Toastmasters clubs have the same mission: to provide a supportive and positive learning experience to empower members to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

The organization has made its way to Southeastern within the last two years and members are reaching out to the Southeastern student body to grow the club. Toastmasters may be centered around Southeastern’s College of Business, but membership in this organization can benefit students from all majors. 


The organization is designed to provide help to people who want to gain public speaking skills and feel more confident when having to speak in an organizational or professional setting. Toastmasters has a “learn-by-doing” philosophy, where each member learns at a pace suitable to his or her developmental needs. One way the organization does this is through the use of educational programs focused on Communication and Leadership.

"Our goal in the club is to complete the Communication and Leadership manuals as a part of our education program to help develop communication skills,” said vice president of public relations Mackenzi Picou. 

Once members finish their manuals, they will become a certified Competent Communicator (CC). “It was one of the things that drew me in," said Picou. The certification can boost your resume and Linkedin profile.”


Although the organization is designed to aid students with gaining public speaking skills, giving a speech is not mandatory. “You are not required. Members can work at their own pace and put in what they want to put into the club. You can give speeches or you can take roles in the club,” said Picou. Some of these roles include time taking, evaluating, critiquing and giving positive feedback on members’ speeches.

Toastmasters invites students from all majors to learn more about how the organization can improve your communication and leadership skills. 

“These are skills you are going to need every day in the workplace,” said Picou. “Our organization wants to better our members so that they can have a better future. Join us!”

To find out more about Southeastern Toastmasters and how you can become a member, contact the organization's president, Allie Dyer, at Allie.Dyer@southeastern.edu.

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Toastmasters officers (left to right): Ian Squires, Allie Dyer, Anna Strider, Lauren Buchanan, Mackenzi Picou, Bailey Guedry, Christina Rising, and Kyle Arceneaux

Monday, November 20, 2017  
by: Miranda Fleig, University Communications and Creative Services Graduate Assistant