Mane Media

Mane Media

Forgot your calculator for a math test? Need a video camera for a school project? The Student Technology Center provides various items for students to rent free of charge through the Mane Media service.

Come to the Student Technology Center in Fayard 127 to also rent laptops, cameras, video cameras, tripods, projectors, tablets and phone chargers. Students can take advantage of equipment as long as it is for academic or Southeastern-related purposes.

Items can be checked out for up to four hours on campus and 14 days off campus. Simply show your Southeastern ID to rent on campus. To rent off campus, a prior online application must be filled out with a faculty sponsor’s email. Once the faculty sponsor gives the student permission, the student may rent the equipment. Students can find the application here.

The Student Technology Center is open during regular campus operating hours. If you have any suggestions of equipment you’d like to have available, email the Student Technology Center at

Monday, March 25, 2019
by: Grace Butzman