Senior Art Exhibition

Southeastern’s art seniors are showcasing their work at the Senior Art Exhibition through May 18 at the SLU Contemporary Art Gallery. The seniors’ art ranges from paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures, ceramics, new media and animation, graphic design and more.

Senior Art Exhibition

Victor Betancour | Bird | Kacie Sanders

Among the seniors portraying their work is James Bryce Bordelon, a new media and animation concentration. Bordelon said throughout his time at Southeastern, he appreciated the art department’s teachers. According to Bordelon, the teachers go above and beyond, and are mentors to students outside the classroom, and most of it is due to Southeastern’s small campus feel.

Senior Art Exhibition

 James Bryce Bordelon

The student to teacher ratio additionally enabled Keligh Pickett, a photography concentration, to know her teachers and receive their focused attention. Bordelon valued Southeastern’s art program not just because of the teachers, but because it helps students pull information from all of the program’s classes.

Senior Art Exhibition

Keligh Pickett

“Everything is relative. The classes are geared towards each art concentration,” said Bordelon.

Southeastern’s art classes, particularly the studio classes, were also beneficial to Pickett, because the community college she prior attended didn’t offer them.

“It couldn’t have been better anywhere else,” said Pickett. “I never considered myself an artist until I came to Southeastern.”

After graduation, Bordelon plans to continue his new media and animation work in Baton Rouge or New Orleans, and Pickett will pursue a masters in fine arts and photography.

The SLU Contempoary Art Gallery is located at 100 East Stadium, next to Clark Hall at the end of Spruce Street. For more information on the Senior Exhibition, contact the Gallery. 

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019
by: Grace Butzman