Hurricane Prep 101

Take action now to stay safe this hurricane season

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Louisiana's hurricane season began June 1 and will continue through November 30. Southeastern students and employees are encouraged to use these five simple tips to prepare now for a potential storm.

1. Sign up for Emergency Alert System texts and voice calls.

While all Southeastern students, faculty and staff email accounts are pre-registered in the Emergency Alert System, you must sign up to receive emergency alert text messages and voice calls on your cell phone. Text messages will be sent only in true emergencies and occasionally to test the system. You will not receive notices about registration, athletics or other events through this system. Contact information for parents/guardians also can be entered in the Emergency Alert System.

2. Check Southeastern's website regularly if a storm is forecast for the area.

Emergency alerts and updates will be posted on the home page of Southeastern's website. This is the most reliable place to check if the campus will be closed and/or classes will be canceled. Students also should check Moodle for online class assignments to ensure continuity of education in the event of a closure.

3. Know where you'll go if an evacuation is ordered.

Make plans now to decide how and when you will proceed to your home or intended destination if the campus is evacuated. Now is also a good time to get your vehicle's fluids, belts and tires checked or make arrangements to carpool with a friend. If you do evacuate, be sure to inform a neighbor, friend or family member of the address and telephone number of your intended destination.

Note: Students and employees who are unable to leave campus will receive notice of evacuation shelter procedures. Contact a University Housing staff member or the University Police Department (985-549-2222) if you have any questions.

4. Create an emergency packing list.

Make a list of items to pack – such as clothes, electronics, medications and textbooks – so that you can quickly pack important items in the event of an evacuation. You should not leave credit cards, cash or other valuables in the residence hall.

5. Assemble an emergency supply kit.

Gather items like flashlights, extra batteries, drinking water and other essentials to keep in your residence and/or vehicle during hurricane season.



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