Southeastern Identity

Southeastern Louisiana University Identity

A Message from President John Crain

I am very pleased to report that our University has acquired the domain name This will allow us to align our online presence, for both website and email purposes, with long-established identity standards.

For many years Southeastern was known throughout the state and region as SLU. However, in 1994 when the university was entering the online realm, the domain name was already reserved by St. Louis University. Another private educational institution had already acquired the domain name, and as a result, was registered by our institution instead.

Following a great deal of market research, in 1994, our university established formal identity standards that sought to identify the university in print and other communications as "Southeastern." With the historical "SLU," online domain name "SELU," and official "Southeastern," much confusion has ensued with regard to our university identity.


The domain name became available this past year, and we quickly moved to acquire it in the interest of helping clarify and further promote the Southeastern identity.

Fortunately we were able to retain use of our old domain name as well, thus the domain will continue to work, greatly facilitating the transition to the new domain. In fact, all of the email addresses and website URLs you've always used will continue to work. If you type for a website, it will automatically change to as part of the transition process. Both and email addresses will also continue to work.

I am very excited that is now owned by our university and will be used in all official communications going forward. I hope you agree that this is a welcome change that will help bring cohesion and clarity to our Southeastern identity.

     - John Crain, president