Southeastern Logo

Southeastern Logo and Official Colors

The official Southeastern logo consists of an "S" illustrated within an oval. The name, SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANA UNIVERSITY, sits below the illustration in upper case type with special emphasis on"SOUTHEASTERN." This combination of information is called the "signature."

The signature was designed to serve as the cornerstone for Southeastern's image identification program and is used in combination with specified typography.

The construction of the logo should never be changed. When enlarging artwork, care should be taken that the signature is not stretched or condensed beyond its original proportions. It should never be altered or re-drawn. It should only be reproduced from original artwork available from the Office of Public Information.

Logo standards

The University's official logo may appear in two-color or one-color versions or in black and reverse. When using color, only the approved Pantone Matching System (PMS) color should be used. These inks are readily available at most commercial printers. CMYK colors are also available.


Primary Mark Examples


Southeastern Logo Metallic

Southeastern Logo Black

2 color version:

PMS 342 and PMS 111 (non-metallic ink)


2 color version:

PMS 342 and PMS 871 (metallic ink)


Southeastern Logo color

Southeastern Logo Reverse

1 color version:

Use either black, PMS 342 (green), PMS 111 (gold), or PMS 871 (metallic gold)


1 color reverse version:

Reverse logo in white from block of either Black, PMS 342 (green), PMS 111 (gold), or PMS 871 (metallic gold)
























Secondary Mark Examples


S logo images


In some cases, where a bolder identity is desired, it is permissible to use a type-only treatment of the Southeastern identity as shown below.


Recruitment Logo Color Recruitment Logo Reverse







This type-only treatment of the identity is used on the Southeastern Web pages, on billboards, in recruiting materials, and in certain other applications. It isavailable from the Office of Public Information.



Departmental logos

The Office of Public Information will assist colleges and departments in developing a type treatment of their name that complements the Southeastern logo. Please contact the office for assistance.

While some units within the University have their own logos, standard branding practice dictates that the institution’s official logo must be predominant in its communications. Departmental logos should never be larger or in any way overshadow the official university logo. In addition, all departmental logos should be submitted first to the Office of Public Information for approval to ensure that they meet a certain level of professionalism.

The University Seal

The seal is the official academic identity of the University that is primarily used in legal applications, on Southeastern diplomas, and other documents of an official or formal nature. It is not intended for general use as part of the university’s public identity.