If a student does not plan to attend the University, it is the student's responsibility to drop all courses before the fee payment deadline. The student will be financially responsible for any courses that remain on their schedule once classes begin.


Reduction of tuition and other course related fees will be made on the following basis:


For Students Dropping Courses: Students who decrease their course load (drop hours) resulting in a lower tuition cost before classes begin will receive a refund of fees previously paid. Students who reduce their course load (withdraw) after classes begin are not eligible for a tuition refund.


For Students Resigning: A student who officially resigns(withdraws from all classes) from the University after completing registration may obtain a reduction of fees according to the following schedule:


Fall and Spring Semesters

Date of Resignation  Amount of Refund
On or before the last day of final registration  100%
First – Fifth day of classes 75%
Sixth – Fifteenth day of classes  50%
Thereafter None  
Summer Session  Amount of Refund
On or before the last day of final registration  100%
First – Third day of classes  75%
Fourth – Eighth day of classes 50%
Thereafter None  


Students receiving federal aid will also receive a reduction in fees according to the Institutional Refund Policy as stated above.  Any unearned aid determined at the time of resignation/withdrawal will returned to the provider and will be the responsibility of the student to reimburse Southeastern. This includes students who officially resign and those who cease attending without officially resigning(Unofficial Withdrawal)

To receive a 100% refund of fees previously paid, the student must drop all of their classes prior to the first day of classes.

If a student resigns on or after the first day of class, the student must complete and return a resignation form to the Records Office no later than the eighth class day in a summer session, or the fifteenth class day of a fall or spring semester to receive any reduction of fees.

If a student is resigned by the University for any reason, he will be refunded according to the above schedule. The effective date of the resignation will determine which category of reduction of fees will apply.

Students considering a retro-active resignation should inquire about the implications affecting their financial aid (if any) before making the request.

The rules of refund for motor vehicle registration fees, room rent and meal ticket costs are included under the respective captions in this catalog.

The above refund (reduction of fees) policy and drop dates apply to off-campus courses as well as on-campus courses.



Workshops and Institutes

The rules for refunding fees applicable at any time during an academic year, intersession, or summer session are on a proportionate time basis for workshops and institutes. The refund should be requested through the appropriate department.

Issuance of Refunds

Southeastern Louisiana University has partnered with Higher One®, to bring a new method for receiving your student refunds and managing money to all Southeastern students—known as the My Lion Card Program.


Be sure that your mailing address is current with the University, since it is used for all correspondence from the Controller’s Office, including the issuance of your MyLionCard from Higher One. If there is a reason that your refund cannot be sent to Higher One, an email will be sent to your official university student email address.


Student Refunds are sent according to the refund preference selected at Higher One. For more information visit the Controller's Office web site


Financial Aid Authorization

Students are also encouraged to acknowledge the Financial Aid authorization statement. This authorization is necessary if the student expects financial aid to pay any non-institutional charges. Such charges include but are not limited to parking decals, parking fines, library fines or books, Lion Lagniappe, Southeastern Payment Plan, Emergency Loan, or textbook rental fines or textbooks sold. If you chose not to accept the authorization, you will be obligated to pay any non-institutional charges out of pocket. This authorization must be completed on-line through the student’s LEONet account.  This authorization may be rescinded at any time in writing by certified mail to the Controller’s Office.