Creating and Editing Image Galleries

Creating an Image Gallery

Editing an Image Gallery

Adding an Image Gallery to Your Page


Creating an Image Gallery

  1. Navigate to Assets

    Under the Content dropdown in the top blue toolbar, click Assets.


  2. Create a New Image Gallery

    Click the + New button. The New Asset dialogue box will appear. Select Image Gallery.

    New Asset Dialogue Box


  3. Fill Out the Asset Information

    Enter an Asset Name. This should be short and descriptive.
    It is recommended that the name or abbreviation of your department proceed the rest of the asset name, such as cse- (Center for Student Excellence) or hist- (History).

    Enter a short description.

    Access Group should be limited to your office, if possible, that way no one accidentally edits it. If you need help determining what group you are in, please contact the Web Publishing Office. You may also limit who can use the asset by selecting your office in the Available To dropdown, but this is usually not needed.

    Asset Information

    Once the information is filled out click the blue Create button at the bottom right of the window. Continue to the Editing an Image Gallery section for instructions on adding images to your gallery.


  4. Inserting Your Image Gallery

    Go back to editing your page in OU Campus. Put your cursor where you want your image gallery to be placed, and select the Insert Asset icon in the toolbar. Insert Asset Button

    In the Filter By Name field, search for the asset you just created. Select the name and click Insert.


    Image Gallery Appearance Options

    There are a few Gallery appearance options depending on if you want your gallery to be a slider or a tile based gallery. You can see all of your options by checking out the page the gallery is located on and going into the Properties tab. The last option will be Gallery Type, which contains a dropdown. Try out your options and see what you like best.


Editing an Image Gallery

  1. Navigate to Your Image Gallery

    Under the Content dropdown in the top blue toolbar, click Assets. Then search for the name of your asset. If you don't know the name of your asset, you can find it by editing the page the asset is on. There will be a gray bar stating the asset is not accessible in the WYSIWYG editor, including the name.

    Asset Name


  2. Check Out Your Image Gallery

    Once you have found the correct gallery asset, make sure you check it out with the lightbulb, which should be yellow. Then go to the Edit tab near the top of the window.


  3. Edit Your Images

    Scroll down to the Images section. This will display any images you have in your gallery. If you want to remove an image, click on the gray X at the top right of the image card. You can also edit the Title, Description, Caption, and Link options for each image here.

    Editing Images in Gallery


  4. Adding New Images

    If you need to add a new image, you can either drag it directly into the Images section from your computer, or you can click the gray +Add button, to navigate through your computer to the image. You can then add the Title, Description, Caption, and Link as needed.

    Please note, all images in an image gallery should be the same size. This size can vary. If you need help determining what size your images should be, please contact us at the Web Publishing Office.


    Common Image Gallery Sizes

    Image Galleries that are located next to a side navigation, like on the Study Abroad site, are typically 900px wide. Height may vary.

    Image Galleries that are above a side navigation going across the page, like on the DSA site, are typically 1200px x 420, though the height will sometimes vary. 


  5. Save and publish your image gallery.

    When you are done adding and editing your images in your image gallery, be sure to save your changes with the blue Save button at the bottom right, and Publish or Submit the asset.



Adding an Image Gallery to Your Page

  1. Navigate to the Page the Gallery Should Be Added To

    Once your image gallery is created and the images have been added, go to the page you want to edit in OU Campus. Do this by logging into OU from the page you want to edit, or if you have recently been editing a gallery by clicking Content in the blue bar at the top of OU Campus


  2. Add Gallery

    When you are in the editor for the page, put your cursor where you want the gallery to be and click the Insert Asset button, which looks like a recycle symbol with arrows. Search for the name of the image gallery, select it and click insert. Save and Publish the page.



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