Using News Feeds

All departments of the Southeastern Website may choose to utilize News Feeds. With a news feed in place, users may create announcements or news articles which will automatically publish to multiple destinations at once, such as their department's website.

OU Campus uses Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to achieve this. Simply put, RSS is a web format which allows for automatic distribution of a single source (a web page or news article) to anywhere or anyone who "subscribes" to that source's feed.

For example, a user who subscribes to the RSS feeds of CNN, ESPN, and The Lion's Roar could read all of those sources' latest news headlines from one place without having to visit each of their websites individually. More on RSS feeds


Creating a New News Feed

If your department does not yet have a news feed featured on your site, the Web Publishing Office can help in setting one up. You can contact us at and let us know what site you would like the news feed on.


News Feed Instructions

There are two ways to add an item to your news feed.

  1. Creating a News Article

    If you need to create a new page for the item, you will use the Creating a News Article instructions.


  2. Adding an Existing Article

    If you need to link to an existing article that was written by someone else (a press release, a story in Lion's Roar, etc), you will use the Adding an Existing Article instructions.


If you have a question about setting up a News feed for your department's website, please e-mail


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