Using Snippets and Assets


A Snippet is a template for content, set up by the Web Publishing Team, that OU Campus users can insert onto their web pages. Snippets may include pre-formated tables or forms which the user may edit. 



Contact Information Example

Contact Information

Upcoming Dates Example

Upcoming Dates

Accordion Example


Request a Snippet

If you find that you often re-create content (such as a complex table format for a faculty and staff page, for instance), you may e-mail with your request.


Using a Snippet

From the page editor, click the Insert Snippet icon from the WYSIWYG toolbar.Snippet Icon

You can either select a category for the snippet to filter through, or search for the name, for instance "accordion".

Snippet Dialogue Box


Please note, many snippets will be inserted into the WYSIWYG editor as a table, and will then be formatted to appear the correct way when the page is saved.


Additional Documentation

OmniUpdate provides this in-depth guide to using Snippets in OU Campus.




An Asset is pre-existing, pre-formated content that OU Campus can create and insert onto multiple web pages. Unlike a Snippet, an Asset is not a template, and it can only be edited and published from the Assets section within OU Campus. Once an Asset is updated and published, all the pages using the Asset will also be updated and published as well.

Examples of Assets include image galleries and a text box of the University's current operating hours. The latter may save users from having to manually update the hours of operation at the beginning of every semester.


Creating an Asset

You may view an example of creating and using an Asset through the Creating an Image Gallery tutorial. Most assets will need to be created by the Web Publishing Office initially, and then can be inserted onto pages by OU Campus users. If you have content that you are duplicating on multiple pages, that is a good use case for an asset. You can email us at to request an asset.


Inserting an Asset onto a Web Page

From the page editor, click the Insert / Edit Asset icon from the WYSIWYG toolbar. Insert Asset Icon

Select an asset from the list. If you wish to insert the University's hours of operation for the current semester, for example, select one of the Hours of Operations assets. Click Insert.

Asset Dialogue Box


Please note, assets are not visible within the WYSIWYG editor. You must save and exit the page editor to preview the asset on your web page.


Additional Documentation

OmniUpdate provides this in-depth guide to using Assets in OU Campus.


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