Checking In Your Pages

When an OU Campus user edits a page or asset, that file "checks out" to their account. This prevents other users from editing that file. Often, users inadvertently leave pages checked out, and this can prove problematic for other users attempting to make updates to those pages. 


To see a list of pages or assets checked out to your user account, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Current Projects.

Under the Dashboard tab, click on Overview


Navigate to Current Projects


2. View and "check in" content.

The My Checked-Out Content page displays pages, files, and assets checked out to your user account. To check these back in, simply click on the Check-In icon under the Status column. Files will disappear from the list as they are checked in.

Note: Pages pending your approval will remain checked out to you until you have either accepted or rejected them. 


Check in pages


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