Editing an Existing Page


Navigating to a Page's Edit Interface

Editing a Page with the WYSIWYG Editor

Checking Out/Checking In

Reverting a Page


Navigating to a Page's Edit Interface

OU Campus Users can access a page's edit functions via two ways: Direct edit ornavigation through the folder structure.

  1. Direct edit

    From your web browser, navigate to the page you wish to edit. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the All Rights Reserved link. 

    all rights reserved link

    Log in to OU Campus using the same information you use for email and LeoNet.

    Once logged in you will see small green edit buttons above the areas you have access to edit. If your page has multiple edit regions (i.e. a highlight box), there will be multiple edit buttons. Click the edit button directly above the area you want to edit. Note: Clicking the edit button will "check out" the page meaning that no one else can edit it while you are working on it.

    Edit Button Example


  2. Access through the folder structure

    If you are already logged in to OU Campus, you can navigate to different pages via the folders within your site. Hover the mouse over Content in the top blue toolbar and then click Pages. This will take you to the folder view of your site. Once you are in this view, you can navigate through directories of the website.

    Content > Pages Dropdown

    To get to the correct folder, you can look at the URL of a page. For instance, to get to the ASD Coaching page under Student Accessibility Services (http://www.southeastern.edu/admin/access_srv/resources/asd/index.html) you would go to the main ds folder, then the resources folder, then the asd folder. The index.pcf file is the page to edit.

    Please note: Avoid navigating to the directories which you do not have permission to edit (such as the home directory (little house button) -- the main website directory). If you do so, you will have to navigate back your page via the Direct Edit instructions above.

    Path Diagram


Editing a Page

Using the WYSIWYG Editor (JustEdit)

The WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) Editor contains the basic editing functions such as those found in a program like Microsoft Word. See this Omniupdate documentation for an in-depth guide to the toolbar functions.

Important Toolbar Options

Save IconSave and Exit: When you are done editing, click save and exit to ensure your changes are saved. This is the first icon on the top row.

Paste as Text IconPaste as Text: If you are copying text from an external source, like Word or Gmail, click this icon first to ensure no formatting issues are copied over to the site.

Spellcheck IconSpellcheck: Toggling the Spellcheck icon on will underline any incorrect spellings on your page in red.

Insert Link IconInsert/Edit Link: If you need to link text or an image to another page or document, click on this icon. More instructions on Adding Links

Insert Image IconInsert/Edit Image: If you need to add an image to a page, click on this icon. More instructions on Adding Images/Documents

Paragraph Dropdown IconText Formatting Dropdown: If you need to format your text to be a heading, do so by highlighting the text you're trying to change, and clicking the Paragraph dropdown. Headings 2 - 6 can be used on a page, and should be nested to create a hierarchy of importance.






Once you have completed your edits, click the Save button to return to the page preview screen.


Checking Out/In

To avoid multiple users in OU Campus simultaneously making changes to the same page, OU Campus has a Check In/Check Out feature. If a page is checked out to you, no one else can access that page until you check it back in.

When an OU Campus user clicks on any green Edit button, it automatically "checks out" the page to that user. The page can be manually checked back in by clicking on the lightbulb icon. The page is also automatically checked in when it is published.

You can see whether a page is checked out to you or not with the lightbulb icon shown below.

Checked In Lightbulb

Checked In

Checked Out Lightbulb

Checked Out

To see a list of any pages you may have checked out, click on Dashboard in the top blue bar of OU Campus. There is a widget there called My Checked-Out Content. We recommend always checking this area when you are done working in OU Campus for the day, to make sure you haven't left anything checked out to you.

My Checked Out Content Widget


Reverting a Page to a Previous Version

Every time a page is published, OU Campus catalogs that version of the page. Users may access the list of all previous versions. 

If you wish to restore a page to a previous version, make sure the page is checked out to you, and click on the Versions tab.

Versions Button Location


When viewing past versions, you can compare the version of the page to the live version with the Compare > Page dropdown. After deciding which version you'd like to revert back to, simply click the version icon that says Revert.

Versions List


Once a page has been reverted, you can now edit or publish/send for approval.


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