Dashboard & Gadget Configuration

A gadget is a little program that provides additional functionality or streamlined access to functionality within OU Campus.

Note:  Some gadgets are only located on the Dashboard or on the Gadgets sidebar, while others are available in both locations.


Dashboard Configuration

Below are the instructions for Dashboard Configuration

  1. Hover the mouse over the Dashboard option from the toolbar menu, located on your top left side of the screen. Select the Overview option from the menu and click it. 


  2. Click the link on the right side of the screen named Configured Dashboard. The         Configure Dashboard link can be used to choose which gadgets to display on             the Dashboard. 


  3. By Clicking Configure Dashboard it brings up the Dashboard Configuration modal       which shows the Dashboard gadgets that are available. Click anywhere within the gadget box or the checkbox to select a gadget to show on the Dashboard.                  


dashboard configuration
















Gadget Sidebar

Below are the instructions for configuring the Gadget Sidebar:

  1. The Gadgets sidebar can be shown by clicking on the Show Gadgets button at the top right of the screen.


  2. Once the Gadgets sidebar has been expanded, individual gadgets can be collapsed       or expanded and the user can configure which gadgets appear in the sidebar.


  3. To show and hide gadgets in the Gadgets sidebar, click the Choose Gadgets icon       (pointed with the cursor above) to be taken to the Manage Sidebar modal.    

    gadgets side bar

    Note: The Manage Sidebar modal shows the Sidebar gadgets that are available to the user. Gadgets that are currently configured to be available on the Sidebar are listed and can be filtered by name. Functionality includes:

    • Filter: Enter two or more characters to filter by gadget name.
    • Hide: To hide a gadget from view on the Sidebar, click anywhere within the green gadget box or click the checkbox to clear the selection. A gadget configured to be hidden is shown in gray.
    • Show: Click anywhere within the gadget box or the checkbox to select a gadget to show on the Sidebar. A gadget configured to be shown is shown in green.

  4. Click the Save botton to have all the gadgets of your preference on your gadget           sidebar.