Creating an Image Gallery


OU Campus allows users to easily create and edit image galleries. To create a new image gallery, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Assets page.

Under the Content tab, click Assets.


Click Assets


2. Create a new image gallery.

Click the New button. The Choose bar will drop down. Click Image Gallery.


Create image gallery


3. Give your image gallery an asset name.

Enter an Asset Name. This should be short and descriptive.
It is recommended that the name or abbreviation of your department proceed the rest of the asset name, such as cse_ (Center for Student Excellence) or hist_ (History).

In the example below, a user from the Alumni Association is creating a gallery for photos of Homecoming 2012. 


Name your image gallery


4. Edit the image gallery content and properties.

Enter a description and tags for your gallery.


Enter asset description


Select the thumbnail aspect ratio and determine with contributors can edit the image gallery. Click Create to upload and edit images. In the image upload browser pop-up, click Add... to add the image to the gallery. 


The title, description, and caption fields are optional.


Edit asset options


5. Save and publish your image gallery.

Click Save to save your changes and return to the Assets page. You can always return to your image gallery later to edit its properties and upload new images. Remember to "check in" the asset if you have completed your work.


Save your image gallery

From the Assets list, scroll down to your newly-created image gallery. With the file checked out to your account, click on the Publish icon.


Publish Image Gallery


6. Insert your image gallery onto a page.

Return to your department's directory by clicking Pages under the Content tab on the OU Campus navigation bar. Open the page editor of the page where your image gallery will be located, or create a new page for the gallery if you have not yet done so.


From the WYSIWYG editor, click the Insert / Edit Asset icon.


Insert asset


Select your image gallery asset name from the list. Click Select Asset.


Select your asset


7. Save your image gallery. 

Once the image gallery is inserted on the page, it will not render until the page is saved. Instead the asset will appear in a box with hash marks behind it. Click the Save icon to preview the image gallery. 


Save the page


8. Publish your gallery.

Once you have completed the steps above, you must send the page containing the image gallery to your approver in order for it to be published.


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