Creating Internal/External Links

There are two types of links that you can create, Internal and External.  

Internal links are links to other pages within Southeastern’s website, documents in your assets folder, or images in you images folder, all within OU Campus.

External links are links to pages or websites that are outside of Southeastern’s website, such as news outlets, educational resources, etc. 

It is important that you always create internal links to Southeastern web pages using the File Browser instead of pasting in the URL, so that if the page or file you are linking to is moved or renamed, the link will not break.


Creating Your Links

When creating a link, highlight the words (or image) that will become the link. Then, click the “Insert/Edit Link” button in the toolbar (looks like a chain link). Insert Link Icon


External Links

If you are creating an external link, you can type or paste in the website URL that you want to link to in the URL field.  Only type in a URL for external websites (not on such as,, etc. 

Once the URL is pasted in, click OK, and your link will appear in the editor.


Internal Links

To link to another webpage on Southeastern’s website, you must create an internal link by navigating to the page you want to link to within OU Campus' File Browser. You can do this by clicking on the button next to “URL” that looks like a folder with a magnifying glass on it.

File Browser IconFolder View for Links


A new dialogue box will appear showing the folder view of Southeastern's website. You will be automatically placed within the folder of the page you are editing.

Please note that in order to link to pages outside of the site you have access to, you will need to click on the Staging dropdown in the top right, and change it to Production.

To navigate to the page you are trying to link to within the File Browser, consider the URL of the page. For instance, take the Biology Undergraduate Degrees page. The URL is:

In order to find this, you will click on the blue www, beneath Select File, to move to the root of our site, or the part of the URL. You will then look for the acad_research folder, then the depts folder, then biol, then undergrad_degree. Finally, you will select the index.pcf file, and click Insert.


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