Setting Up Side Navigation

 OU Campus users can add, remove, and reorder the links in the side navigation.

Side Nav Example


  1. Navigate to the page's directory inside OU Campus.

    Most pages in OU Campus are index.pcf files located within directories. All directories should have a file. This is where side navigation data is stored. Open the file.

    Please note, if a page has a blank side nav, you will need to contact us at to add the first link to that file.


  2. Edit the navigation.

    From here, you can use the WYSIWYG editor to add new bulleted links, or edit the existing content of the side navigation. Do not put anything other than linked text within your sidenav, or the script could break causing multiple issues on your page.

    Sidenav Editor


  3. Save and publish your changes to the navigation.

    Once you have completed your work, click the Save icon and either Publish or Send the Page for Approval.

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