Uploading Files to OU Campus

NOTE:  Important change in OU Campus V10.

OU Campus uses a feature called Binary Management to manage all images, pdf's, and other non-webpage file types.  When a user uploads a file it will be uploaded to the staging server and must be published to be viewed on the production server.  Some benefits of using Binary Management are that many file types can be previewed in OU Campus, sent to another user for review or approval, published directly or along with a page publish, or can be scheduled for publish or expiration. Additionally, images can be seamlessly uploaded, edited, and inserted into a page while editing in the WYSIWYG Editor.

By default, Binary Management establishes the staging server as the default server for file choosers when inserting files onto a page. Images placed onto a page using file choosers will be linked via the staging server and transformed to the production server or publish target upon page publish.

Binary file types, just like pages in OU Campus, can also be controlled with access settings and sent through a workflow. Administrators can also include binary files in the reporting available through the Reports menu.


OU Campus users may easily upload images, PDFs, and other files by following these steps:

1. Navigate to the location where the files should be uploaded.

If you are uploading images, they must be uploaded to an images folder. If there is no images folder with a directory, you can create one by clicking on the New button. 

All other file types, including PDF files, must be uploaded to an assets folder. 

Note: Images and assets directories may appear empty, even if they not are not. Click the Production tab in the upper right-hand side of the page to view the files that already exist in a directory.

 Navigate to assets or images directory


Once you are in the directory where the files will be located, click the Upload button.


Click the upload button


2. Set the properties of your files.

Set permissions to the appropriate group next to the Set access to box. 

Check the Overwrite box if you are replacing an already-existing file with the same filename. 


Set upload properties


3. Select the files for upload.

If Uploading multiple files, just drag all of the files to the "add files" area and they will all upload at once.

Click Start Upload to finalize the upload.


Finish upload


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