Creating a News Article


If your department website has a News system in place, you can create articles which will automatically display on your News box, News Landing Page, and the corresponding RSS feed.


Please e-mail if you do not yet have a News system for your deparment's website. 


To create a news article in OU Campus, follow these steps:


1. Navigate to your news directory.

Within your department's website is a directory labeled news. Open this directory to create a news article. 

Note: The index.pcf file within the news directory is the News Landing Page, which will automatically list a new article after that article has been approved and published.


Navigate to news directory



2. Create a new article. 

Click on the new button. Select News Item from the dropdown menu.


Create a new article


       3. Select the type of article

On the resulting pop-up, click New News Article.

New News Article


4. Enter the article's properties.

Enter a title, keywords, and a filename for your article. The filename should be short and descriptive. It may also be helpful to include a date in the filename, such as fundraiser0215.pcf (for April 2012). 


Click Create.


Enter News Item properties 


5. Edit the article's content.

Use the WYSIWYG editor to edit content as you would do on a regular page.

Click the Save icon when you have completed your work.


Edit content



6. Publish the article.

If you are a contributor, see the guide for submitting your work for approval for instructions on how to submit your work for approval.

If you are an approver, you may publish the news article by clicking the Publish button from the page action toolbar. 



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