Creating a News Item for a Web Page


OU Campus' news feed feature is not limited to creating "articles." Users may create feed items for any of their pages.

For instance, the website of the Department of History and Political Science contains a web page for the Deep Delta Civil War Symposium, an event the Department holds annually. Rather than create and publish a news article every year to announce the upcoming event, contributors for the Department's website can simply create a news item from the Symposium's web page.

Users may create unlimited news items for a single web page. Each time a news item is created for a page, an announcement for that page's updates is published to the website's news feed. The content of the page does not necessarily have to be updated.



The example below demonstrates how feed items are created every month for Southeastern's news releases.


News Items example


To add a feed item to a page in OU Campus, follow these steps:


1. Open the page which will contain your feed item.

In the example below, a user from the Web Publishing Office is going to create a feed item from the OU Campus Training page (/webpublishing/training/index.pcf) to announce training dates for the upcoming month.


Check out a page



2. Access the feed items of a page. 

With the page "checked out," click on the RSS icon in the toolbar.


Click the items icon



3. Create your new feed item.

Under the New RSS Item section, fill out the Title and Description fields. The Link, Author, and Publication Date fields will automatically be filled in. Click Save.
If you simply wish to view and edit existing items, you can do so by clicking on Edit Existing RSS Items (located on the top-left of the New RSS Item window.) 


Enter item information



4. Republish the page containing the feed item.

Once you've clicked Create, the page will refresh and confirm that Your item has been added (note this green confirmation box in the example below.) Click on the publish button to publish the page with its new feed item. 


Publish feed item



View Existing Feed Items

From this list, you can edit or delete existing items. Be sure to republish the RSS feed after you have made changes here.


View feed item

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