Reviewing Changes to be Published

OU Campus users who are approvers have the ability to publish pages directly and will be sent all changes made by anyone they are approvers for. These changes can be either approved and published to the site, or rejected.


Seeing Pending Approvals

All pages sent to you for approval will be sent to your email. The email you receive will look like this:

Approval Email

The first link will take you directly to the page within OU Campus.

If you do not receive an email, or if you want to check your approvals in OU Campus, you can view any pending approvals by clicking on Dashboard in the blue toolbar, and looking for the My Checked-Out Content area.

The items with the thumbs up icon are pending approval. Clicking on the item will take you to the page that was submitted to you.

My Checked-Out Content


Reviewing Pending Approvals

When you are on the page that was submitted to you, you will see two options: Publish and Decline.

Publish and Decline Buttons

Publish will work the same way as normally publishing a page you work on. Decline will reject the page changes. You can either

  1. Revert to the Previous Version of a page before the changes were made, starting the page fresh, or

  2. Keep the current changes in OU and allow the previous editor to make the necessary changes and then submit it to you again.

You also have the option to explain why the page was declined for publish, which is a great place to make a note of what more needs to change.

Decline Dialogue


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