Publishing a Page

OU Campus users with the ability to publish pages directly have the option to bypass any review or approval processes. You can submit a page for review to another OU Campus user if desired.

 Publish Button


To Publish a Page

Once all changes are made to a page and saved, click on the green Publish button at the top of the page. You will see a dialogue box that will allow you to run one last spelling or link check on your page if you hadn't already done so.

If you have uploaded a new image or document that hasn't been published yet, you will also see next to Publish Options a checkbox that says Include Unpublished Dependencies. Leave this checked. This will make sure that any images or documents being used on the page are also published.

Publish Dialogue Box


Alternate Ways to Publish

Publish Dropdown Options

By clicking the arrow next to Publish, you can find alternate options for publishing.

Schedule: Allows you to select a date and time to publish the page automatically. This is useful if changes will be applicable starting on a certain day, or if you will be out of the office when a change needs to be published.

Submit for Approval: Allows you to select another OU Campus user to send a page to prior to publishing to the live site. Once a page is submitted, it will be checked out to the user you submit to, and you will not be able to make any more changes.

Expire: Allows you to remove a page from the website on a specific date.


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