Academic Advising

Last Reviewed:
Fall 2013
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After a reasonable period of orientation, faculty members at Southeastern are assigned the duty of advising students. The faculty advisor acts as a consultant in the preparation of the student's schedule, making certain that the student schedules the prescribed courses in the proper order. Students also seek advice on choosing a career; selecting electives; adding, dropping, and substituting courses; and other academic matters.

When faculty members serve as academic advisors, they should be fully informed as to all requirements for securing a degree. Inaccurate advising may involve institutional liability. It is unwise for faculty members to offer casual academic advice. Students with questions should be directed to persons designated by the institution to give academic advice.

In this work the faculty member is expected to give sincere thought to recommendations and to stay informed about the needs of advisees. It is also essential that the advisor understand the early registration and regular registration procedures and the regulations that apply, such as prerequisites for advanced courses, maximum and minimum class loads, and dates for adding and dropping courses.

Southeastern uses a system of early registration. During the fall semester advisees are assigned to faculty members. During an announced period, faculty advisors are expected to schedule appointments with each of their advisees and to plan the spring semester's work. During the spring semester, schedules of classes are issued for the summer and the fall semesters, and advisors consult with students and plan their summer or fall work. If a student does not plan to attend summer semester, the advisor works out the student's fall schedule. For each period, dates for early registration are announced, and faculty advisors are to see all of their advisees.