Textbook Rental Appeal Policy  

Last updated:
October 14, 2020 
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Policy Statement

Our mission is to provide quality service to Southeastern Louisiana University students by providing their basic textbooks and course materials through the rental program, while maintaining the highest degree of student service consciousness.  When rental books are not returned by the posted deadline, students are required to purchase those books.  It is necessary that a policy be implemented to give students the opportunity to submit a textbook rental appeal if they have an extenuating circumstance, which prevented them from returning their books by the posted deadline.


Purpose of Policy

Students are given the opportunity to possibly avoid having to purchase rental books not returned by the posted deadline by filing a textbook rental appeal that describes and supports any mitigating occurrence that resulted in them not being able to return their books by the deadline.



Students who were unable to return their rental books by the posted deadline due to unforeseen circumstances have the opportunity to file a textbook rental appeal, as well as students whose rental books are non-returnable due to damage.


Policy Procedure

Students with overdue rental books have the opportunity to file an appeal if they have an extenuating circumstance which prevented them from returning the books by the deadline. The appeals process includes the completion and submission of the online Textbook Rental Appeal Form found on the Textbook Rental Website (www.southeastern.edu/textbookrental). The appeals process and form can be found in the Student Policies section of the Website.

The deadline to file an appeal is the 14th day of class following the semester the book(s) were not returned.

When completing the form, students must attach all pertinent information that will document clearly and concisely the extenuating circumstances resulting in the rental books not being returned by the posted deadlines (ex. medical records, military records, death certificate, etc.).

This online appeal is reviewed by the Textbook Rental Appeals Committee which is comprised of faculty, staff and students. The committee meets at various times throughout each semester. Committee decisions are mailed to students as soon as the student’s case has been reviewed.

Overdue accounts are due at the Controller’s Office by the fee payment deadline. If an appeal is approved, the charges will be credited back to the student’s account.