English Language Fluency

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Candidates hired for teaching positions must demonstrate fluency in the English language prior to their being recommended for employment. Therefore, an academic department will have each candidate for full-time employment make an oral presentation witnessed by faculty and students in that department. The presentation may occur either before a class, in a faculty colloquium, or in any other gathering of students and faculty which allows the candidate to demonstrate English fluency. Selecting the appropriate forum will be left to each individual department. The department head and two senior faculty, having witnessed the presentation and having received advice from students and other faculty, will make the determination of oral fluency. The department head will verify to the dean that the prospective faculty member has demonstrated oral fluency. A candidate lacking oral fluency will not be employed.

In the event that a department head must employ someone on an emergency or "last-minute" basis, the department head will not be required to make a recommendation on English fluency for that employment. However, before that appointment can be renewed, it will be incumbent upon the department head to verify the oral fluency of the employee prior to re-employment. He/she may accomplish that through any of the means outlined above, through the observation of teaching, or through feedback from students and other full-time faculty.

Graduate teaching fellows and part-time faculty will be required to make an oral presentation to the department head and two senior faculty members of the department prior to their appointment as a teaching fellow or lecturer.

The requirement of English fluency will not pertain to the following instructional assignments:

  1. Foreign language courses or courses designed to be taught predominantly in a foreign language.
  2. Student participatory and activity courses such as clinics, studios, seminars, and laboratories.
  3. Special arrangement courses such as individual instruction and independent study courses.
  4. Continuing education courses.
  5. Special instructional assignments as approved by the academic dean and the Provost.

The requirements specified in this document are based on the Louisiana Board of Regents Academic Affairs Policy 2.20 (Assessment and Certification of Faculty English Fluency);  the University of Louisiana System Policy and Procedures Memorandum FS-III.I.C-1 (Assessment and Certification of Faculty English Proficiency); and are pursuant to mandates in Act 745 of the 1991 Session of the Louisiana Legislature.