Media Inquiries, Advertising and Public Records Requests Policy

November 2016

May 8, 2018
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Policy Statement

University Marketing and Communications (UMC) serves as the university’s central department concerning communications with all external audiences.


Purpose of Policy

In order to ensure that an appropriate image of the university is projected and maintained among various publics, all news releases or media statements should be arranged through UMC, which can also provide background and other information to reporters, prepare employees and students for interviews, coordinate interviews and camera shoots on campus or at other Southeastern facilities.



This policy applies to all Southeastern employees.


Policy Procedure

Southeastern faculty and staff should not directly respond to media requests for interviews unless coordinated through UMC. All media inquiries regarding university programs and activities in general should be referred to UMC. Should a department receive an inquiry about potentially controversial university policies or procedures (examples - use of animals in research, disability access on campus, controversial speakers or performances, etc.), that inquiry should be referred to UMC, which will coordinate an appropriate response. If a department receives an inquiry regarding information specific to the purview of that department (examples – real estate stats from the Southeast Louisiana Business Center or expertise from a biology professor for an article regarding a biology-related topic) the individual department may respond. In such cases, however, the individual receiving the inquiry should still notify UMC of the inquiry and response made.

Advertising for university departments or programs should also be conducted through UMC, regardless of funding source (exceptions include advertising for bids, RFPs and other purchasing needs, as well as advertising administered through human resources for personnel purposes).  This ensures consistency of image, content, and style based on the university’s graphic standards.  This also allows departments to take advantage of contract rates that may have been negotiated by UMC and allows for appropriate coordination of billing through the Purchasing Department.

Public Records Requests

UMC will coordinate any public records requests that come to the university. If a department receives such a request, it should be routed to UMC.


As an agency of the State of Louisiana, Southeastern is subject to specific laws governing the duplication and distribution of records and documents. Public records may contain some information that cannot be released or is confidential which will be redacted prior to release.

Requests for Records

All requests for public records or documents must be made in writing and include specifics on what is being requested. The university will respond within three business days the time required to produce the record or report and an estimate of costs that may be incurred.  Alternatively, a requester may seek to come to the university to examine a specific record in person at an agreed upon time and date. The university is under no obligation to create reports or compile records that do not already exist.


Requests for access to public records must be made in writing and addressed to the following:

Senior Director, University Marketing and Communications

Southeastern Louisiana University

SLU Box 10880

Hammond, LA 70402


Requests mailed to other departments at the university shall be forwarded UMC for response, which may delay the processing of the request.


Copy Costs

Selected documents and reports may be reproduced if requested. The university requires pre-payment for the copies at $.25 per page of the selected documents. For computer-generated reports, Southeastern charges a flat $250 fee.