Policies and Procedures

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Safe Driver Program Policy


Policy Statement

As a state facility, we will adhere to all state laws and regulations pertaining to the State Safe Driver Program. We are committed to reducing and/or eliminating unnecessary risk to the individuals and the agency.


Purpose of Policy

Required in order to comply with the Office of Risk Management Driver Safety Program.



A driver applicant must be an employee of the State of Louisiana. (Faculty, Staff, Graduate Assistant, Student Worker, etc.)


Policy Procedure

A. Driver Qualifications

  1. Any driver with three (3) or more vehicle related convictions, guilty pleas, and/or nolo contendre pleas in one (1) year will not be permitted to drive any state vehicle or their own vehicle on state business for one year.
  2. Any driver with one (1) conviction, guilty plea, or nolo contendre plea for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, hit/run driving, vehicular negligent injury, reckless operation of a vehicle, or similar violation within one year period will not be permitted to drive any state vehicle, golf cart or their own vehicle on state business for one year.
  3. Driver applicant must possess an applicable, valid operator’s permit and is responsible for use and maintenance of permits appropriate to the vehicle to be driven.
      1. The University requires the use of any 15 passenger van to be a transit van. If driving passengers in a van for University business, driver must have Class D (chauffeur) license. If a van is rented, the driver must still possess a Class D (chauffeur) license. NOTE: When renting 15 passenger vans, the vehicles MUST be transit vans. Employees driving University-owned vehicles or personal vehicles on University business must be certified under the University’s Driver Safety Program: http://www.southeastern.edu/admin/safety/safe_driver/index.htm.
      2. Student workers are not allowed to drive University vehicles. Any exceptions must be approved through a written request with appropriate justification to the Environmental Health & Safety Office.
      3. Graduate Assistants should be allowed to drive University vehicles, including vans with and without passengers, provided all other requirements (i.e., appropriate licensing, completion of driver training course, etc.) are met. Also, the purpose of the trip must fall within the scope of their work as a Graduate Assistant. In an effort to protect the employee/graduate assistant and University, the need to drive and carry the appropriate license should be included in the Graduate Assistant’s job description.


B. Authorized Drivers Responsibilities

    1. All state employees must possess a Louisiana driver’s license if they are a Louisiana resident.  New Residents have 30 days from the time residence is established to obtain a Louisiana license.  If employee is a non-resident and possess a valid license issued by another state, then they are permitted to drive in Louisiana for a period of 90 days.  If employee possess an out-of-state driver’s license, the employee must provide the Environmental Health & Safety Office with their Official Driving Record.   
    2. University drivers may not use any wireless telecommunication device (to include, but not limited to:  cell phones, radios, walkie talkies, pagers, etc.) while driving any vehicle (including personally-owned vehicles) in the course and scope of the State’s business.  This includes making and receiving calls, writing, sending or reading text messages, emails and other notifications while the vehicles wheels are moving.  University drivers may use the devices when the vehicle is lawfully parked, or to report an emergency.
    3. Operate only vehicles for which they are licensed.
    4. Applicant will pass the Louisiana Safe Driver Course as specified by the Louisiana Safe Driver Program.  They will complete and sign the Driver Authorization Form DA2054 and submit along with a copy of the Certificate of Completion from the Defensive Driver Course to the Environmental Health & Safety Office.
    5. It is the driver’s responsibility to notify his/her immediate Supervisor and the Environmental Health & Safety Office by the next business day when: 
        1. Revocation of driver’s license or any driving citation is received.
        2. Third vehicle related conviction, guilty plea, and/or nolo contendre plea in one (1) year is received.
        3. Any conviction, guilty plea, or nolo contendre plea for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, hit/run driving, vehicular negligent injury, reckless operation of a vehicle, or similar violation is received.

      Failure to report the incident will result in the driver not being permitted to drive any state vehicle or their own vehicle on State Business for eighteen (18) months.

    6. Operate vehicle in accordance with State, Parish, and local laws.
    7. Use the seatbelt while operating any vehicle on State business, and require that seatbelts be used by all passengers in accordance with state law.
    8. Operate all vehicles with the restrictions on their operator’s license.
    9. Report all traffic violations and accidents while driving on State business to his/her immediate supervisor as soon as possible after such incidents, but not to exceed 24 hours. If a third party, other than a state employee, suffers bodily injury, notify the Environmental Health & Safety Director.   Cooperate fully with authorities in all post-accident investigations and/or any accident related inquiries.


C. Supervisors of Drivers Responsibilities

  1. Allow only authorized drivers to operate vehicles.
  2. Insist that drivers develop safe driving habits by making the necessary time available for the required driver training.
  3. Recommend those individuals with a genuine need to operate vehicles, who are known to be responsible drivers and who have acceptable driving histories to the Environmental Health & Safety Office for authorization for entry into the Louisiana Safe Driver Program.
  4. Review and approve the intended route of employees where appropriate.
  5.  Cooperate fully with authorities in all post-accident investigations and/or any accident related injuries.


D. Environmental Health & Safety Responsibilities

  1. Administer the Louisiana Safe Driver Program at Southeastern Louisiana University.
  2. Ensure the rules as outlined in this program are rigidly adhered to and violation of intent are addressed quickly, with appropriate action to correct undesirable performance.
  3. Determine the eligibility for the Safe Driver Program.  Upon receipt of Driver Authorization Form DA2054:

      1. Obtain and review Official Driving Record online through the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles.
      2. Review and approve by signature or reject Driver Authorization Form DA 2054.
      3. Maintain and annually recertify authorized drivers.
  4. After all Official Driving Records are reviewed; the Human Resource Director, Vice Presidents, Physical Plant and the departmental Supervisor of staff who are disqualified from the State Safe Driver Program are notified.
  5. As part of an accident investigation, the Accident Report form DA-2041 will be reviewed, make loss prevention recommendations and sign as Agency Head. Forward the form to the Office of Risk Management within five (5) days of receipt.

  6. Whenever a job requires an employee to drive but he or she is disqualified from the Safe Driver Program, the following recommendations will be made to the Department Head:

      1. Non-permanent Employee: the employee will be removed from position to include termination.
      2. Permanent Employee: the employee will be removed to include reassignment, demotion, or termination.
      3. If an employee is promoted, reassigned or demoted into a position in which driving is an integral part, the employee must qualify for the Safe Driver Program in order to stay in the position and if the employee cannot qualify, the supervisor will implement one of the above.


E. Definition of State Owned Vehicle

Any licensed vehicle that was purchased with State of Louisiana funds, repaired and maintained by the Physical Plant Services of Southeastern Louisiana University and are insured by the State of Louisiana Office of Risk Management.