Unclassified Appointments

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This policy applies to Unclassified Staff only.


All unclassified employees of the University are appointed in accordance with the University of Louisiana System Policies and Procedures. This authority comes from Article 10 of the Constitution of the State of Louisiana. Each position has been analyzed to determine the proper job title and minimum qualifications requirements. The salary for each position has been determined based on job duties, market factors, salary surveys and past practices.

The President or his designee shall be responsible for representing the University in personnel matters related to the University of Louisiana System and/or the Department of Civil Service. All official correspondence and contact with the University of Louisiana System or the Department of Civil Service shall, therefore, be handled by either the President's Office or the Human Resources Office if it relates to the personnel matters. This policy is not intended to deprive any employee of the right to contact the University of Louisiana System or the Department of Civil Service concerning any problem affecting them individually, provided the employee does not indicate that he/she is representing Southeastern Louisiana University.


Unclassified Personnel Actions

Chief Executive Vacancies

Appointment to the chief executive position at any institution under the jurisdiction of the University of Louisiana System Board is in accordance with University of Louisiana System Policy Number: FS.III.II.A-1

Appointments for Vice Presidents, Deans and Athletic Directors

All System universities are to perform a national search when interviewing candidates for positions at the level of dean or higher. When submitting the agenda item for Board approval, institutions must indicate the process used in the search, the number of applications received, the number of candidates interviewed, and the makeup of the search committee. The System Office will focus efforts on reviewing the selection process rather than the credentials of each candidate. Even though the best candidate for the position may sometimes be a local applicant, it is important for System universities to consider all potential candidates.

Appointments to these positions shall be submitted for approval by the University of Louisiana System Board as individual line items. Employment should not commence prior to official University of Louisiana System Board action. All terms and conditions of employment shall be submitted to the University of Louisiana System Office for review.

Approval of Personnel Actions

All unclassified personnel actions shall be brought before the University of Louisiana System Board for ratification based on recommendations of the System President.

Unclassified Administrative Personnel

All unclassified administrative staff shall hold their administrative appointment at the pleasure or will of the University of Louisiana System. The annual approval of the budget and personnel documents designating the salary and other personnel benefits for administrative personnel shall not constitute an implied nor expressed agreement for continued employment throughout that fiscal year, but are executed or approved solely for the purpose of budgeting and associated fiscal and administrative matters. Subject to the approval of the University of Louisiana Board, individual contracts may be negotiated for athletic coaches. In addition, as required by NCAA Constitution, coaches may be suspended for a period of time without pay or have his/her employment terminated if found to be involved in deliberate and serious violations of NCAA regulations.

Contact the Human Resources Office for information on search committee initiatives and procedures. No employment of an administrative position is to begin prior to University of Louisiana System Board approval. For administrative personnel other than vice presidents, deans, and athletic directors, emergency authorization may be granted on a temporary basis by the University of Louisiana System office to proceed pending University of Louisiana System Board action.