Communicating Southeastern's Brand

In days past, Southeastern was seen as the "best kept secret of the Northshore."  We can no longer see ourselves, nor be happy with the status of being a secret.  This university serves regional students looking for second to none academics, a supportive and caring environment and an outstanding student experience.  But it also serves a growing population from outside of the region that is looking for the unique college experience Southeastern provides.  We must articulate who we are to as many as possible to enable those who will find Southeastern the right fit to learn more.

Communications Toolkit

We all need a little help and direction in order to communicate the same message with a unified voice.  The following information will provide you with what to say and how to say it.  Learn how to articulate who we are and what we do and become one of our army of brand advocates!

Elevator Speech

What to say in a succinct one minute speech to explain Southeastern.


Communication Points

What are the specific things we want to communicate about the university.


Making It Come To Life

How to say it all.


Brand Lesson

A five minute video to help make you a brand advocate.