University Name Usage

When representing Southeastern Louisiana University in an official capacity, faculty and staff members should use the name of the University and use University stationery for official correspondence.

The University does not permit the use of its name or title of any of its faculty or staff in any announcement, advertisement, publication, or report, if such use in any way implies University endorsement of any product or service.

In conducting outside activities for compensation, employees must make it clear to their employers or associates that they are serving in an individual capacity and that the University accepts no responsibility in connection with those outside activities. Official stationery of the University must not be used in connection with reports on outside consulting projects, bills for services, or correspondence relating to the fulfillment of the faculty member's performance of the outside activity. Neither do regulations permit use of the University's name or stationery in connection with political activity.

When employees act on their own as citizens, they should make it clear that they are not official representatives of the University. Therefore, use of the University name or stationery is prohibited in these cases.

Naming Conventions

Southeastern Louisiana University has adopted the fundamental guideline that, in addition to its journalistic practice of using "full name on first reference," the university will refer to itself as "Southeastern" on subsequent and other references.

The use of the acronym "SLU" is allowed only in relation to the university's athletics program. It should never be used as an abbreviation or as a second reference in communications regarding the university in general, its faculty, staff and students, or its academic programs.