Meet Our Tour Guides


Brittany Calecas

Criminal Justice major 

I love Southeastern because of the small class sizes, family feel, and value of education for money!


Dawn Dupont

Sport Management major

I love Southeastern because it is an amazing atmosphere for a college. With our small class sizes, the professors are able to interact with all of the students making the students feel more confident in what they are doing. 


Morgan Foret

Kinesiology major

I love Southeastern because it is a home away from home. I may graduate soon, but I will always find a way to be back to Southeastern, whether it is through our amazing Alumni Association, or just coming back to support. 


Tayler Irvin

Human Resource Management major

I love Southeastern because it truly is one huge family. Everyone is so warm and welcoming even on their bad days. The welcoming atmosphere makes the university so much better. 


DJ James

Education major

The University has created a welcoming and positive atmosphere for me to earn my degree, and it helps that I have some great friends here as well!


Mary Kileen

Sport Management major

I love SLU because I never feel like I’m far away from home when I’m here. Being from out of state, it is easy to get homesick quick. But with Southeastern, it feels like I am home. Southeastern truly is a big family, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!



Morgan Miller

Social Studies Education major

Coming to Southeastern helped make transitioning from high school to college much easier. Everyone, from students to faculty, is so friendly and helpful. Southeastern has become my home away from home!


Kerri Perone

Elementary Education major

I love Southeastern because it's very diverse, family-oriented, and has made me feel like I'm apart of a family. I've met some of my best friends here at Southeastern and cannot picture going anywhere else! Lion Up! 


Brooke Plauche

Nursing major

The University is much smaller than others, more welcoming and less intimidating. I really can connect with my professors and feel comfortable asking them questions because of the smaller class sizes. Southeastern is my forever home, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me here! Lion up!



Michael Thibodeaux

Psychology major

I love Southeastern because they truly care about the students and their college experience. Whether it be giving away free food or shirts at events or allowing all students into sporting events for free, Southeastern wants to make sure every student is enjoying their time in college. 


Aubree Weldon

Graphic Design major 

I love Southeastern because the professors provide individual feedback and want to see you strive for excellence.