Web Content and Style Guidelines

In order to ensure that Southeastern's website meets the goals outlined in its policy, these guidelines provide the minimum requirements for all web pages on the University's website. You may familiarize yourself with the full Web Content & Style Guidelines.

Common Misuses of Style and Content


Never use the acronym SLU or SELU unless it is being used as part of an address (such as a mailbox #). Use Southeastern as the short form when referring to Southeastern Louisiana University.


Do not capitalize time, but do include periods. 7:45 a.m.; 6:00 p.m.

Click Here

Avoid using "Click Here" in text links. For example: See the Math Curriculum Sheet for a listing of course requirements for a degree in Math instead of Click here for a Math Curriculum Sheet.


Do not type entire words, sentences, or paragraphs in "all caps." If you wish to add emphasis, use bold text.


"Online" is one word with no hyphen.

Oxford comma

Use a comma before "and" and "or" in a series.