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Get There:
Into Keeping Kids in the Game

Antreon Bennett

Athletic Training, MS

Knowing from first-hand experience the stress and pain that being sidelined by an injury can have on players, athletic training alumnus Antreon Bennett (’20) has made it his mission to help young athletes come back stronger and more confident than ever.

Southeastern Louisiana University

March 28, 2023

Antreon Bennett

Antreon Bennett (’20) grew up playing sports. After being sidelined by a knee injury in high school, he experienced the physical and mental toll that such a setback can have. Going to rehab and working with a caring athletic trainer at his school not only helped him get back in the game, but it inspired him to help others in the same way.

Today, as a certified athletic trainer for North Oaks Health System, Antreon is directly helping high school student athletes tackle and overcome obstacles to come back stronger than ever.

Action Plan

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Build a network of peers as a member of the Student Athletic Training Association.

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Earn the Grady Morgan Outstanding Student Award for going above and beyond for Southeastern athletes.

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Achieve athletic trainer certification.

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Land a job with North Oaks Health System, helping high school students.

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