Violence & Active Assailant

The increased visibility of campus violence, particularly campus shootings, have generated questions about the safety of college campuses. While shootings may be the most visible form of campus violence, they are not the most commonplace. Southeastern makes every effort to ensure the safety of its students from all forms of violence including sexual violence and physical assault.

Campus safety takes the cooperation of the entire university community taking steps to make Southeastern a safe campus for all. Seeking assistance, reporting concerns and speaking out are all ways bystanders can intervene when they see problematic situations arise.

Below are some tips to be aware of to increase one’s own safety on campus

  • Don’t forget to register for Emergency Alerts

  • Download the Lion Safe App
  • Always be aware of your surroundings

    • Keep an eye on your belongings

    • Lock your room, car, and bike

    • Stay alert when crossing the street

    • Walk in groups at night

  • Utilize the Code Blue Phones in the event of an emergency or the mobile blue light on the Lion Safe App

  • Report suspicious behavior or an incident

  • Visit the Safe Campus website


What You Should Do

If you believe you are in immediate danger, call UPD 985-549-2222 or 911.

Take direct threats of harm seriously and contact the authorities.

If unsure but are concerned about the possibility of someone posing a danger to themselves or others, contact University Police, University Counseling Center or Student Accessibility Services.

Always err on the side of caution by contacting a university department if you have concerns.


Active Assailant Training

The University Police Department provides Active Assailant Training for campus departments and student groups. If your group or department would like to receive training, contact UPD


Campus Resources

University Police Department


Anonymous Reporting Form


University Counseling Center


Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability


Incident Reporting Form

University Health Center




Southeastern supports students in recovery. For current on campus support and programming call the University Counseling Center at 985-549-3894 or email

Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence

  • Statewide hotline 1-888-411-1333


  • Provides information regarding domestic violence, safety tips, and events related to DV

  • Resources for victims to seek assistance


Active Shooter Safety


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