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What to Expect in Classes

You’ve spoken and we’ve listened! Spring 2021 will bring back more opportunities for you to take classes safely on campus. We’ve coded all of our courses to reflect the instructional format you can expect to follow in the spring. Of course, should circumstances change, all courses could revert to Online (O) or Virtual (V) to comply with public health mandates.

Once you’ve registered for a class and been given access to the course syllabus, be sure to read it carefully to learn more about the course and its specific requirements. The syllabus provides an excellent roadmap that can assist you with your planning.

Here are the Spring 2021 course formats and their codes. You can find the codes next to the section number when registering for a class.

Southeastern Course Delivery Formats Explained


Special Notes

COVID-19 Accommodations

Will you be seeking special accommodations due to COVID-19 that will prevent you from coming to campus and taking a Face-to-Face class? If you are, you should consider registering for Online (O) or Virtual (V) courses only. All other formats (Hybrid) have a Face-to-Face component that requires you to be present in a physical classroom.

Students who are ill, quarantined, or have a medical condition that places them in the "high risk" category relating to COVID-19 should make their professors aware as soon as possible.  Faculty may be able to offer some classroom accommodations. As a second option, if a student has a medically documented condition as determined by a doctor, Student Accessibility Services (formerly Office of Disability Services) will work directly with them to seek accommodations as possible.

Students needing an exemption to the Face Mask/Coverings Policy due to medical conditions should contact Student Accessibility Services prior to the beginning of the semester.


Online and Virtual Learning

Success in the online environment requires that you have special knowledge, equipment and skills. Are you prepared? Visit our Online Success Starts HERE page to find out! Don’t register for these classes until you’ve reviewed this information!


Face-to-Face Learning

The safety protocols of masking and social distancing will be practiced at all times in all classrooms and elsewhere on campus. Each classroom has been assigned the appropriate number of seats to allow for proper social distancing.


Helpful Resources


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