General Studies faculty teach several student success courses that help students choose majors and careers, develop leadership skills, and transition from college to workplace. 
Special Topics: Leadership Leadership Training 301

(LT 301)

3 Credit Hours


Designed to provide students with the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to become effective student leaders. 





Career BlocksCareer Planning 104

(CPL 104)
3 Credit Hours


Dazed and confused about your future? Wondering what jobs are possible with a certain college major? CPL 104, taught by licensed career counselors, will help you examine your interests and abilities, research career opportunities, and, ultimately make a wise MAJOR decision.




BusinessmanCareer Planning 304
(CPL 304)
3 Credit Hours


Ready for the world of work? CPL 304 will help prepare you! This course assists seniors in the transition from college to the workplace. Students complete self-assessment inventories, develop skills in interdisciplinary networking, and use the latest technology to learn job search, job application and interviewing strategies.