PROFIT and ASSET Presenters from Previous Semesters


Spring 2012



 Drake Paul Adams

Anna C. Brost

Peter E. Boraks, Jr.


ASSET Awards 

Jamie Bradbury

Katie M. Duhe

Katlin Errington

Ashley M. Keller

Amanda Watts 


Fall 2011 

PROFIT Presentations 

Students:  Lauren A. Bugg, Jacob P. Byrd, Jonathan P. Welch

Presentation:  Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Mentor:  Bobbie G. Schnepf, M.B.A.


Student:  Tiffany Fruchtnicht

Presentation:  The 10 Laws of Enduring Success

Mentor:  David C. Wyld, D.B.A.


Students:  Rachel Nurdin, Kevin Fletcher, Spencer Norman, Shelby Raquet, Janelle Stephens

Presentation:  Health Care Economics

Mentor:  Lara K. Gardner, Ph.D.


Student:  Trent Tarver

Presentation:  Rework

Mentor:  David C. Wyld, D.B.A.


Student:  Megan E. Darby

Presentation:  A Visit to K.Y.'s Olde Towne Bicycle Shop

Mentor:  Michael C. Budden, Ph.D.


Spring 2011


PROFIT Presentations 

Student:  Cole Wardell

Presentation:  Chasing Daylight

Mentor:  David C. Wyld, D.B.A.


Student:  Katelin V. Langley

Presentation:  Your Friends Like This:  Social Networking as a Competitive Advantage in Business Strategy

Mentor:  Russell McKenzie, Ph.D.


ASSET Presentations 

Student:  Joshua Ellzey

Presentation:  Real Life Impacts of Made to Stick

Mentor:  Michael C. Budden, Ph.D.


Student:  Nicole E. Fairburn, John A. Glover III, Michelle D. Strachan, Paul S. Titus III

Presentation:  Should Southeastern Offer Daycare?\

Mentor:  Michael C. Budden, Ph.D.


Fall 2010 

PROFIT Presentations 

Students:  Monica L. Cristina, Philip D. Smith, Kayla Stover

Presentation: Professionalism in the Workplace

Mentor:  Bobbie G. Schnepf, M.B.A


Students:  Christopher Mycoskie, Cory Young, Eric Bourgeois, Jason Brewer, Samantha Jenkins

Presentation:  The NFL Experience - A Service-learning Project with Special Olympics Louisiana

Mentor:  Holly A. Syrdal, M.B.A.


Students:  Andrew W. Finch, Travis L. Goodwyne, Jason P. Scanlan

Presentation:  Professionalism:  Small Tips, Big Results

Mentor:  Bobbie G. Schnepf, M.B.A.


Spring 2010 

PROFIT Presentations 

Students: Elizabeth Duncan, Adrian Jones, Antionette Brooks, Alexis Boudreaux

Presentation:  Preparing for a Job Interview

Mentor:  Bobbie G. Schnepf, M.B.A.


Students:  Kaleigh Aguilar, Caroline Garcia, Olivia Landry, Nyoki Mokeba, Jenee Ratelle, Julie Vogel

Presentation:  Service-Learning with the Disposable Heroes Project

Mentor:  Holly A. Syrdal, M.B.A.


Student:  Shawn Parker

Presentation:  Viral Loop:  From Facebook to Twitter, How Today's Smartest Businesses Grow Themselves,   By:  Adam L. Penenberg

Mentor:  David C. Wyld, D.B.A.


Students:  Keenan Mayeux, Macon Mayeux, Leroy Theard, Daryl Blink

Presentation:  The Importance of Body Language

Mentor:  Bobbie G. Schnepf, M.B.A.


Students:  Kiley Bishop, Kevin Canavier, Lacey Keegan, Michelle Stiegler, Jo Swan, Nicholas Thomas

Presentation:  Filling One Collar at a Time:  A Service-Learning Project With St. Francis Animal Sanctuary

Mentor:  Holly A. Syrdal, M.B.A


Students:  Candice Marie Combs, Andrea Lyn Hale-Arnold, Kirsten Nicole Johns, Crystal R. Payne, Samir Saleh, Shadoe D. Stern

Presentation:  Ben & Jerry's

Mentor:  Richard David Ramsey, Ph.D.


Students:  Emily Villemarette, Andre Benda�a, Jeffrey Molinari, Dale Gautreaux

Presentation:  Professionalism:  A College Perspective

Mentor:  Bobbie G. Schnepf, M.B.A.


ASSET Presentations 

Students:  Timothee Hinds, Dexter Falgoust, Kerry Thomas, Jr.

Presentation:  Examining Brand Image Perceptions of Competing MBA Programs

Mentor:  Michael C. Budden, Ph.D.


Students:  Jamie Vicknair, Dalia Elkersh, Katie Yancey

Presentation:  A Study of Student Attitudes Towards the Use of Social Networking Websites as a Recruiting Tool for Employers

Mentor:  Michael C. Budden, Ph.D.


Students: Katie J. Damratoski, April R. Field, Katie N. Mizell

Presentation:  An Investigation into Alternative Television Viewership Habits of College Students

Mentor:  Michael C. Budden, Ph.D.


Spring 2009 

PROFIT Presentations 

Student: Holly C. Brian
Presentation: Increase Your Financial I.Q.: Get Smarter With Your Money
Mentor: Dr. David Wyld


Student: Brian Burkett, Kenneth Martin II, Shawn Parker, and Corey Williams Presentation: Community Liaison Database System Mentor: Dr. Minh Huynh


Student: Jessica Poret

Presentation: Talent is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else

Mentor: Dr. David Wyld


ASSET Presentations


Students: Lauren Gray, Michelle Lamanette, and Alberto Silva

Presentation: College Students' Attitudes & Responses towards the Current Economy and Its Implications for Marketing Managers

Mentor: Dr. Michael Budden


Students: Lauren Villalobos

Presentation: See Jane Lead: 99 Ways for Women to Take Charge in the Workplace

Mentor: Dr. David Wyld


Students: Emilija Arnaudovska, Lacey Gonzalez, and Wendy Tumblin

Presentation: Issues Surrounding Accounting Lab and Online Accounting Resource Implementation

Mentor: Dr. Michael Budden


Fall 2008


PROFIT Presentations


Student: Pakki, Yan Tung Chan

Presentation: Apple

Mentor: Dr. David Wyld


Students: Christopher Manning

Presentation: Cultural Considerations in Latin American Business

Mentor: Dr. Aristides Baraya


Students: Kelly Bankston

Presentation: The Oil Industry: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Mentor: Dr. Sang Lee


ASSET Presentation


Students: Jonathan Pugliese and Anthony Rutledge

Presentation: Marketing the College of Business Costa Rica Study Abroad Program

Mentor: Dr. Michael Budden