Gifted Education Add-On

Add-on certification must be added to a valid Louisiana teaching certificate. 

Coursework Requirements

Southeastern Course Used  Louisiana State Department Category
EDUC 648 Characteristics/Study of Gifted Individuals
EDUC 649 Methods of Teaching the Gifted
EDUC 618 Social and Emotional Needs of the Gifted
EDUC 647

Creative Thinking and Problem Solving OR

Curriculum Development for the Gifted

EDUC 679 Educational Technology
EDUC 646 Three (3) hours in a practicum for academically gifted*

*Teachers with a master's degree teaching in positions that require gifted certification may be able to use 3 years of successful teaching experience.

Additional Louisiana State Department of Education Certification Requirements:

  • A master's degree from an accredited institution of higher education
  • Academically gifted coursework must be graduate level courses

Note: Academically Gifted Certification layers on your previous certification. You become certified to teach whatever your previous area was to students identified as gifted. For example, if you are certified to teach Secondary English, the Academically Gifted certification allows you to teach Gifted Secondary English. Please consult with your district's Human Resource Department about specific certification requirements for your position.


Upon completing all requirements, the teacher's district will send an Evaluation, Add-On, Course Approval & Name Change Application (Application Type - EV) and any other documents (e.g., transcripts) to the Louisiana State Department of Education to add the new area to the existing teaching certificate.