English as a Second Language

Add-on certification must be added to a valid Louisiana teaching certificate.

Coursework Requirements

Southeastern Course Number Louisiana State Department of Education
EDUC 416 or 516 Methods of Teaching ESL
COMM 410 or 510 Introduction to Language and Culture
ENGL 414 or 524 Structure of the English Language
EDUC 428 or 528 Curriculum Design for the Multicultural Classroom

Additional Louisiana State Department of Education Certification Requirements:

  • None, except prior certification.

Note: English as a Second Language layers on your previous certification. You become certified to teach whatever your previous area was to students with limited English-speaking ability.

Teacher candidates may complete the requirements for this certification simultaneously while earning initial certification. If done during initial certification, the add-on will be request at the same time as application for the initial teaching certificate.

Upon completing all requirements, the teacher's district will send a Certification Update Packet and any other documents (e.g., transcripts) to the Louisiana State Department of Education to add the new area to the existing teaching certificate.