STEM Scouts

...have landed in Hammond!


Calling for volunteers to co-lead an elementary and/or middle school-aged lab starting in March. No previous experience required. All activities are kid and adult tested. All materials and equipment are provided. Leaders choose the labs and the day. 90 mins per week for 8 weeks. 



Parents and adults (21 yrs. and older) who are interested in serving as a STEM Lab Leader


Informational event for parents and volunteers. Parents who register as a volunteer receive priority registration for their children.


Thursday, March 7, 2019, 5:30-6:30pm


Computer Science Technology Building – Southeastern Louisiana University campus

801 N. Oak St., Hammond, LA 70401


Discover and enjoy STEM while helping to inspire and prepare children for success in the future. 


This informational event has no cost. To start a STEM Scouts lab, the costs are $25 per leader and $150 per child for 16 weeks (all supplies and equipment are provided except t-shirts and lab coats)


For more information: 

Sandra Badon
District Executive / Boy Scouts of America
985-474-5579 / 



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