CREST Scholars Program

The Coastal Restoration and Enhancement through Science and Technology (CREST) Program is proud to announce the introduction of a CREST Scholars’ Program at Southeastern Louisiana University.

CREST is making $10,000 available to graduate students or upper level undergraduate students at Southeastern. At least two awards will be made with a maximum award amount of $5000. Awards will be made on a competitive basis to students involved in research projects with a direct relation to CREST.

For undergraduate students, preference will be given to those who intend to pursue an advanced degree in a discipline of direct interest to CREST. A complete list of appropriate topics is given below.

Recipients of the awards will be known as CREST Scholars, and will be recognized as such on the CREST webpage. Any student receiving an award is expected to present the results of his/her research at a CREST meeting in the year following the award, as well as write a report on the work done.

Research Topics

The projects must be science- and engineering-based projects of interest to CREST. Topics may include, but are not limited to, such areas as:

  • Developing habitat restoration metrics to track food webs in restored habitats.

  • Comparison of natural and constructed estuarine habitats.

  • Assessment of water quality in restored habitats.

  • Ecosystem modeling of trophic interactions in altered habitats.

  • Comparing monitoring techniques (e.g., standing biomass v production)

  • Preparation of operational manuals for use by coastal zone managers

  • Comparing monitoring techniques (e.g., standing biomass v. production)


Funds granted shall be used to further research, but not used to cover salaries or travel costs to meetings. Appropriate budget items may include, but are not restricted to:

  • equipment

  • supplies

  • field travel

Awards may be used at any time during the student’s time at Southeastern. CREST awards may also be combined with other funding. The awards will be granted on July 1st of each academic year.

Application Materials

Applicants must submit:

  • A brief description of the project that specifies which topic is being covered

    • Undergraduate students need to state whether they intend to pursue graduate studies, where they would like to attend, and which discipline they intend to study

  • The name of the research advisor, and a letter of support from the advisor

  • A budget request, not to exceed $5000



Application materials must be submitted to by 5:00 p.m. CDT on September 15th. Please put ‘CREST scholar application’ in the subject line.

Any questions can be sent to the same email address or call (985) 549-2055.

Application Form