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Earning College Credit While Gaining
Valuable Work Experience

Student Eligibility Requirements:
- 3.0 or better overall GPA
- 3.0 or better accounting GPA
- C or better in Accounting 312 (Intermediate Financial Accounting II)

Accounting interns must complete 300 clock hours of accounting work for 3 semester hours credit

Three types of participating firms:
CPA firms
Government agencies
Industry firms

Primary areas served by the Accounting Internship Program:
Hammond/Tangipahoa Parish

Baton Rouge
New Orleans/Metairie

Students may be placed by

The Accounting Internship Coordinator
Themselves (subject to approval by the Coordinator)

Students receive a grade of Pass or Fail

Qualifying work must meet two criteria:
1. The student must have learning objectives that center around traditional accounting functions

Examples: Preparing tax returns (or parts thereof), preparing bank reconciliations, making journal entries, posting journal entries, preparing trial balances and/or financial statements, preparing budgets, etc.

2. The student must be supervised on a daily basis by a CPA, someone with an accounting degree, or someone with extensive experience in accounting

Steps in the Placement Process:
- Students interview with internship coordinator
- Students complete application forms and provide resumes
- Resumes are distributed to potential employers
- Employers select students to interview
- Employers hire selected students
- Supervisors and students complete the Student Measurable Learning Objectives form and Cooperative Education Agreement form
- Internship Coordinator approves the employment

Student Evaluations:
- Interns receive a performance evaluation by their supervisors at mid-term and at the end of the semester
- Supervisors also rate interns on the degree of completion of the Measurable Learning Objectives

Other Documentation:
At the end of the semester students also submit a:
Time/Wage Report
Self-Evaluation Form

Potential employers interested in the Accounting Internship Program can receive additional information by contacting Dr. Joe Morris at 985-549-3100 (