Biological Sciences


Biology is a dynamic science. The knowledge is enormous and expanding at an exponential rate. Our students learn how to assimilate this content and play their own part in new knowledge discovery. We have remarkable faculty and excellent resources available to support innovative individuals. Our students are curious, energetic and thoroughly engaged in the life of Southeastern Biology and the surrounding community.

The Department of Biological Sciences has 40 full-time faculty, approximately 650 undergraduate majors and 24 graduate students. We offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees. In addition, our graduate program is highly rated nationally for student satisfaction.



  • The Florida Parishes offer an amazing diversity of organisms and is an excellent environment for outdoor learning and discovery. The regional biodiversity is remarkable, providing opportunities for important field-based learning. Several of our resources facilitate this: the Southeastern Louisiana University Microbiology Testing Laboratory, the Southeastern Louisiana University Vertebrate Museum, the Outdoor Learning Center, the Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station and the Sustainability Center.

  • Participation in a research lab is one of our best teaching tools. For any student that wants it, our experience can be highly immersive. Many of our faculty maintain active research labs and students can participate in research programs, study abroad and present at regional and national conferences, along with other research and internship opportunities. 

  • Louisiana's wetlands are disappearing at a rate unequaled in history. In the time it takes you to read this, a chunk of marsh about the size of your car (100 square feet) will disappear from our coastline. In other terms, about 3 acres of wetlands per hour are lost. The SLU Wetlands Restoration Lab designs and implements restoration experiments, both in SITU and greenhouse, and executes the appropriate restoration procedures.