Departmental Committees

Departmental Committees

The Biology Department has several standing committees. Please click on the name of the committee chair to contact him or her via email.


Advising - Roldan Valverde (chair), Penny Shockett, Debbie Dardis, and Ed Nelson


Building and Space Allocation - Gary Howard (chair), Janice Bossart, and Rick Miller


Curriculum - John O'Reilly (chair), Mary White, Janice Bossart, and Volker Stiller


IACUC Representatives-Penny Shockett (chair), Roldan Valverde


Library - Penny Shockett (interim chair), Roldan Valverde, Ed Nelson, and Kyle Piller


Medical School Evaluation- Volker Stiller (chair), Debbie Dardis, Ed Nelson, Pat Pendarvis


Non - Thesis Graduate Degree - Erin Watson (chair), Penny Shockett, and Gary Shaffer


Safety - Keith Bancroft


Tenure and Promotion - William Norton (chair) and other tenured faculty


Textbook - Keith Bancroft (chair), Ed Nelson, Karin Harper


Vision - Kyle Piller (chair), Janice Bossart, Ed Nelson, Gary Shaffer


Vivarium - Christopher Beachy (director)


Web - Volker Stiller (chair), John O'Reilly, Penny Shockett, David Sever


Undergraduate coordinator - Ed Nelson

Graduate coordinator - Kyle Piller