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Louisiana's wetlands are disappearing at a rate unequaled in history.In the time it takes you to read this introduction, a chunk of marsh about the size of your car (~100 square feet) will disappear from our coastline - or, in other terms, about 3 acres of wetlands per hour are lost.

  Our goal (aside from teaching, of course) is to design and implement wetlands restoration experiments (both in situand greenhouse) and execute the appropriate restoration procedures once sufficient data have been obtained.





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Come get muddy, wet, and stinky in the wetlands with us!


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(Here are some more photos  of the beautiful wetlands near our main research site.)




Credit where credit is due! A lot of the photos on our pages were taken by various wetlanders; grad students especially, but others also contributed. We are especially grateful to Claude Levet for cheerfully letting us use of some of his photographs.



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