Dr. Raul Diaz


Assistant Professor of Biology


Dr. Raul DiazPh.D., University of Kansas, 2012


Office: 332 Biology Building

Phone: (985) 549-5295

Email: raul.diaz@southeastern.edu

Office Hours:
as stated in syllabus and by appointment


Teaching Expertise: 

Links:  Personal Website  (Under Construction)


Research Interests:

Theme: Body plan evolution

  • Tetrapod limb development and evolution
  • Reptile Neural Crest Cells
  • Ectodermal-mesenchymal interactions
  • Dermal/Epidermal and skeletal patterning
  • Somitogenesis
  • Craniofacial divergence and its relation to biomechanical use in ecology
  • Conservation of reptiles and amphibians
  • Body size evolution (gigantism/dwarfism)
  • Classic B-Movies & Punk/Metal