Dr. William Font


Professor Emeritus and Scholar in Residence


Dr. William FontPh.D., Louisiana State University, 1975


Office: 160 Biology Building

Phone: (985) 549-2476


Office Hours: posted outside office and by appointment


Teaching Expertise: Medical Parasitology, Ecological Parasitology, Evolutionary Biology, Invertebrate Zoology

Links:Curriculum Vitae


Research Intersts:

My research is focused on the ecology, evolution, and biodiversity of parasites.  Among my 75 peer reviewed publications are descriptions of new genera and species of trematode parasites.  For over 10 years, funded by the Hawai’i Division of Aquatic Resources, I conducted pioneering studies on parasites of native Hawaiian stream fishes.  More recently, my research on the trematode genus Alloglossidium was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.  Currently, I am conducting biodiversity studies on the parasites of freshwater and estuarine fishes in southeastern Louisiana.