About the Vertebrate Museum

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The mission of the Vertebrate Museum is to maintain a library of vertebrate organisms for use in scientific research, to use those specimens to engage with the local communities of southeastern Louisiana, and to develop outreach and educational programs that promote curiosity, discovery, and respect for the natural world. 


Core Mission Areas:


Scientific Repository

Scientific research in Biological Sciences, Ecology, Conservation, and Natural Resources requires knowledge of the present as well as the past. The Vertebrate Museum is first and foremost a repository for specimens used in scientific research. We pride ourselves in having a large collection of local fish and herp species - all available for the scientific community through the iDigBio, VertNet, and FishNet online databases. 



Science can be an overwhelming topic so teaching and learning in spaces where science happens helps embed and connect students to complex material. The Vertebrate Museum is a working scientific collection in a research university with access to important local scientists - and we strive to educate people at all ages about the importance of museum collections.



Educational opportunities with the Vertebrate Museum are not limited to on-site activities on campus. We are developing a travelling outreach and education program called The Bone Sheaux that will visit local schools, organizations, and events. We aim to go to where the people are rather than expect them to always come to us.